What can one legislator do about the economy; the need for good jobs; clean air we can breathe and good education for our kids? A lot!

I’m Carol Williams and as the Senator Representing Senate District 46, working together we can meet our needs not only for today but also for tomorrow as well.

Our families including, of course, our children want to continue to live, play and work here. My concern for the future of Montana – our economy, our jobs, our environment and our children – and the key choices that must be made to preserve and protect each of these in the next Legislature, compel me to work hard for you.

I know that you too recognize the importance of the elections facing Montanans, and understand how they will affect the future of our children and our state. You also know that if we don’t change our direction, Montana’s children will suffer most.

My commitment to children’s issues comes from something deeper – I am, first and foremost, a parent and grandparent. I believe that the future of every Montanan depends on leaders who ensure that the issues that affect our children’s education, healthcare, day care and safety are center stage. With your support, we can build a chorus of strong voices for Montana’s children and families.

Please join with me to make Montana’s future even better than its past.


Carol Williams, Democrat for District 46      
Please contact me by email at c


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